Blog Post #5

Question #1:

Dear Brian,

I noticed that the paperback version of Ghost Bully is available for sale. I also noticed that I was able to order it and have it delivered. Moreover, I’ve noticed that it is very good. So what’s the deal with the ebooks still on pre-order?


Confused But Not Really


Dear CBNR,

First of all, thanks for not asking a question about socks directed to Todd. I was beginning to worry that it would be some sort of habit. Looks like maybe they fixed whatever linking issue that caused me to receive his email.

Now onto why the paperbacks are available and not the ebook. Well … I goofed. I’m still not 100% sure how I goofed, but I have some ideas. Anyway, if you’d like to pick up a copy of Ghost Bully, it’s available at BookPeople in Austin, TX as well as Amazon and a few other places on the internet. So don’t be shy, go to the store and demand your copy.

Really, demand it. Like it’s the eighties, and you want your MTV.

Your pal,


Question #2:

Dear Todd,

I’ve managed to work a hole into my SmartWool. I’m really hard on them, but do you think they’ll take them back?


Holey Moley

Ed. Note: Dammit.

Dear HM,

I’m sorry, you’ve messaged the wrong blog again I’m afraid. That said, according to their site, SmartWool has a two-year satisfaction guarantee on their site (see here). So, good luck.


Question #3:

Dear Brian,

What are you currently working on?


Curious in California


Dear CiC,

I’m about 50,000 words into a rough draft on a book I expect to be out about this time next year. Thanks for asking, hope you like it.


So that's it for the mailbag this week. Hope these A's sufficiently addressed all the Q's. This week I'll be attending the Superstars Writing Seminar in Colorado Springs, CO, so next week I may change of the format of the blog and share an insight or two coming away from the seminar.


Blog Post #4

Thought I'd open up the mailbag again this week to answer your questions, so here goes...

Question #1:

Dear Todd,

This is a bit of a two 'fer. Carb went out on my '67 'Stang, and I wanted to get your advice. Rebuild, or replace with an aftermarket part? Part two: the car is outside, and I wanted to see if I should wear Smartwool's lightweight fast dry merino, or the hike light crew.


Carbo Unloading


Dear CU,


This is the second time I've received a message for Todd regarding Smartwool socks, so I think we may have a broken link somewhere. I'm Brian. That said, I'd probably try to rebuild the carburetor if you can, but if not, the Holley 4160 Series should do the trick. All while wearing Smartwool's lightweight fast dry merino socks, they're honestly a delight.


Question #2

Dear Brian,

How do you get inspired to write?


Your Mum


Dear YM,

Excited for the international flair, thanks for writing in! Also, I called my Mom just to make sure she didn't submit this question.

Arrested Development Narrator: She didn't.

Still, it's a pretty good one.

Sometimes I wake up with an idea, and I'm off to the races, and somedays I have to find it. Outlines help, but some days it's just slogging through the effort out of pure determination. Other days start without much to go on, but I'm able to find inspiration after a half hour into the attempt.

This is a similar question and answer to the whole writer's block thing, but it's still good.


Well that's the mailbag for this week. Got a questions? Let me hear from you!




Blog Post #3

Mailbag! For my third post, I figured I would just go to the ol’ mailbag and answer some of your questions. So here goes…

Question #1:

Dear Todd,

I’m about to pack for a big hike up through the Christmas Mountains and wanted your recommendation: SmartWool Hiking or PhD Outdoor socks?

Yours truly,

Down, Set, Hiking Socks


Dear DSHS,

I think you may have e-mailed the wrong blog, my name is Brian. That said, I don’t think you can go wrong with the PhD Outdoor. They’re just the best.

Good luck,


Question #2

Dear Brian,

Do you ever get writer’s block? If so, how do you deal with it?


Block This Way


Dear BTW,

I look writer’s block in the face and say, “Not today’s writer’s block, not today.”

Wait. No, that’s death. I say that to death.

I don’t know, I just keep writing and hope I can fix it through multiple revisions. Hard to tell what was written on what day--even on the first revision.

Hope that helps,



Time to close up the mailbag for this week, but feel free to keep the questions coming. I look forward to answering more next week.

Blog Post #2

Maybe this will end up in the FAQ section of the site if FAQs begin to emerge, but for now, I’ll put in on the blog. I mean it’s here, and so far all I have is a picture of my dog trashing the bathroom.

Question #1:

Why did you write this book?

Well, smart and articulate hypothetical question asker, I wrote the book because I thought the world needed another funny ghost story.

You see, long ago, I’d developed a technique of dealing with malicious spirits. Whenever I found myself scared and home alone, I would threaten whatever would-be ghosts that roamed around the house. I explained that it wasn’t in their best interests to try anything because there’d be hell to pay if I ended up on the ghostly plane with them.

After consuming years of books, television, and movies, I had what it took to be a phenomenal ghost—much better and more dangerous than they were. They wouldn’t want to deal with me for eternity, not in that house at least.

Apparently, the threats have been effective because I’m still here, and ghosts don’t bother me. Also, I wanted to write a book.

So thanks for the question, feel free to keep ‘em coming.


Blog Post #1

I'll do my best to keep this from being a glorified version of Instagram, but there is probably going to be some serious overlap. Like right now, for my first post, my dog Brisket tearing up the bathroom.