Press & Reviews for Ghost Bully



  • "What really made Ghost Bully such a great read for me was that the world-building was on point. I think world-building is something I really care about in the books I read and I know the author has done a good job with it when I start wishing there were more books out so I could spend more time in the world they created." — Isle of Books


  • Shades & Shadows panel at Lit Fest Pasadena on May 19th, more details here.


  • "An absurdly humorous novel of the paranormal whose enthusiasm and profundity make it truly exceptional." — Kirkus Reviews


  • Community Corkboard mention on Chris Hardwick's ID10T podcast (Laraine Newman episode).


  • "I love to read a well written,thought out book. When it’s funny like this one the sense of humor of the author comes out as thoughtful,witty,tongue in cheek and just plain clever. He brings the assortment of characters to life(even the dead ones)

    Even within the fun the author gets fairly serious about what the afterlife actually could be and where it all began." — Book Room Reviews


  • "It’s smart, well-paced fun with plenty of heart—Jonah is a likeable protagonist, compassionate to the core, and his mission to help others makes him easy to root for." — IndieReader



  •  "I LOVED Ghost Bully. It took me longer than I wanted to read. It should have been read in a weekend but it took me a month. NOT because I didn't like it, life got in the way, but whenever I wasn't reading it, I wanted to read it. I can't say that about a lot of books." — Maria's Space


  • "I got my advance copy of “Ghost Bully” in the mail on Saturday and already can’t put it down. Half the battle in writing is coming up with a concept, a hook, a plot that captures the attention of your readers. In this case, Corley nailed it." — The Sealy News


  • "This independently published book by the author is a quick and dirty snack of Laffy Taffy. It is at once funny, sweet and sticky enough to stay with you, a truly engaging read." — Signal Horizon


  • "Corley has written a novel at once local color, supernatural adventure, mild horror, and coming of age. It’s quite a feat for a first time novelist and certainly worth your time." — Misanthropester


  • "I enjoyed reading Ghost Bully and think that fans of supernatural reads would have fun following Jonah’s journey." — The Nerdy Girl Express