Blog Post #5

Question #1:

Dear Brian,

I noticed that the paperback version of Ghost Bully is available for sale. I also noticed that I was able to order it and have it delivered. Moreover, I’ve noticed that it is very good. So what’s the deal with the ebooks still on pre-order?


Confused But Not Really


Dear CBNR,

First of all, thanks for not asking a question about socks directed to Todd. I was beginning to worry that it would be some sort of habit. Looks like maybe they fixed whatever linking issue that caused me to receive his email.

Now onto why the paperbacks are available and not the ebook. Well … I goofed. I’m still not 100% sure how I goofed, but I have some ideas. Anyway, if you’d like to pick up a copy of Ghost Bully, it’s available at BookPeople in Austin, TX as well as Amazon and a few other places on the internet. So don’t be shy, go to the store and demand your copy.

Really, demand it. Like it’s the eighties, and you want your MTV.

Your pal,


Question #2:

Dear Todd,

I’ve managed to work a hole into my SmartWool. I’m really hard on them, but do you think they’ll take them back?


Holey Moley

Ed. Note: Dammit.

Dear HM,

I’m sorry, you’ve messaged the wrong blog again I’m afraid. That said, according to their site, SmartWool has a two-year satisfaction guarantee on their site (see here). So, good luck.


Question #3:

Dear Brian,

What are you currently working on?


Curious in California


Dear CiC,

I’m about 50,000 words into a rough draft on a book I expect to be out about this time next year. Thanks for asking, hope you like it.


So that's it for the mailbag this week. Hope these A's sufficiently addressed all the Q's. This week I'll be attending the Superstars Writing Seminar in Colorado Springs, CO, so next week I may change of the format of the blog and share an insight or two coming away from the seminar.