Blog Post #2

Maybe this will end up in the FAQ section of the site if FAQs begin to emerge, but for now, I’ll put in on the blog. I mean it’s here, and so far all I have is a picture of my dog trashing the bathroom.

Question #1:

Why did you write this book?

Well, smart and articulate hypothetical question asker, I wrote the book because I thought the world needed another funny ghost story.

You see, long ago, I’d developed a technique of dealing with malicious spirits. Whenever I found myself scared and home alone, I would threaten whatever would-be ghosts that roamed around the house. I explained that it wasn’t in their best interests to try anything because there’d be hell to pay if I ended up on the ghostly plane with them.

After consuming years of books, television, and movies, I had what it took to be a phenomenal ghost—much better and more dangerous than they were. They wouldn’t want to deal with me for eternity, not in that house at least.

Apparently, the threats have been effective because I’m still here, and ghosts don’t bother me. Also, I wanted to write a book.

So thanks for the question, feel free to keep ‘em coming.