Blog Post #22: Short Stories and You

Today I'm here to promote another tab within my own website called "short stories."

I know, it's exciting.

Figured I'd put something here for those who check out the blog every week (thank you, btw) who think I may be slacking. Of course, I'm slacking, but I still managed to get some content up this week, and here it is:

The first post is called The Minotaur in the Cube Maze and I hope you enjoy it. If you like it, feel free to shoot me a note, sign up for my mailing list, or retweet the link on Twitter. You could also mention it to random strangers while waiting in line for coffee, talk to your Uber driver about it ... if you're an Uber driver (or Lyft, they're great too), you could talk to your passengers about it. If you're a lifeguard, you can tell that kid to stop running and "WALK!" Then maybe mention something about this great blog you like to read while you have everyone's attention.

There are a million different ways to talk about the things we love, don't let me pigeon hole you. You do your thing.