Blog Post #8

“There is no artistry in perfection.”


That’s my favorite take away from this past week. I heard the line while listening to and exchange between Chris Hardwick and John August on the ID10T podcast (formerly Nerdist). I’m not sure if Chris made the statement himself or was quoting William Randolph Hearst regarding tiles within his castle (see, I’m not sure, and I’m not re-listening—artist).

The quote was in reference to tile laid perfectly within the Hearst Castle that WRH had a problem with because it was too perfect. He apparently liked little flaws because he thought it gave the overall look character.

I’ve heard Dave Grohl make similar statements on why he likes to record analog vs. digitally. Keeping some imperfections so that it sounds like humans playing music and not a computer.

This gives me comfort as someone who has told stories his whole life but is starting out as a newbie writer. I don’t have to be perfect, I just have to tell the best story I can.

Sure there are bad tile jobs out there, bad songs, and bad books … but we all have to start somewhere, and we all get better at things as we go along. I’m happy to help amplify Hardwick’s mantra of ‘go make your thing’ because he’s right. Too many times we listen to the voice that tells us we can’t do something. The fact of the matter is you won’t know until you try. So try and make your thing this week. Start on that outline for your first book, or move from the outline to the first sentence. It doesn’t have to be perfect, just start.

Write out that first chorus of your song. It may not be McCartney and Lennon, but that’s OK because we already have their stuff to listen to.

Or go watch a how-to video on youtube and practice with some spare tiles on plywood. Go make your thing.