Blog Post #9 (The nine-a-ning)

It’s been rainy every day for almost three weeks and my Vitamin D level is low. We don’t experience this much in Central Texas.

BRIAN: I don’t know that I can remember the sun … it’s been weeks. Do you remember? The warmth, the strain on your eyes as you try to focus into the horizon? The light that shines down and illuminates the trees, the flowers … giving life to the plants that produce the very air we breathe.

STARBUCKS CASHIER: Sir, I’m going to need you to push the card all the way in or it won’t read the chip.

BRIAN: Ah yes, chips … do you remember the time before chips?


Not much to write about this week, so I figured I’d basically write a long tweet. This is the kind of stuff that keeps people coming back week after week. I know, you’re welcome. Tell you what, let me take this space to do a little author begging. Sales of Ghost Bully have been strong so far, so thank you for that!

If you liked it, please write a review on Amazon or and tell your friends. That would be a huge help! Appreciate all your support.

Oh, and I’m almost done with the rough draft for the follow up to Ghost Bully, expect it to be done by the end of the month. Right now, the plan is to have that book out in early 2019.

That’s too long to wait you say! Well, I’m sorry, I say! Here’s some other news: I also to expect to have a short story in the Ghost Bully universe out by this summer, so look forward to that!