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Anyone watched Ugly Delicious on Netflix? It’s great. Interesting food conversations beautifully shot—the whole nine. This week’s food decisions were heavily influenced by the docuseries—lots of delicious fried food eaten without much balance for health. Time to rectify that this (Sunday) morning with an intense new class at Crush Fitness here in Austin. I’m not looking forward to it (I know it’s going to kick my metaphorical ass), but I am looking forward to switching things up a bit.

Oh … and hey, let me drop this in I finished the rough draft of my next novel! What’s it about? Well, I’m not going to say just yet, but you’ll like it. Probably.

What am I going to do now? Now I’m going to focus on a short story, the first in a series, set in the same universe as Ghost Bully that I hope to have out by this summer. Want more information? Sign up for the mailing list, and I’ll get you exclusive details.

That and editing the new novel—lots of editing. Like the time I spent watching Ugly Delicious? Now probably editing. Time spent watching Mute? Editing. Time spent walking the dogs? Same amount of time on that, I’m not a monster.

So that’s what’s going on with me this week. If you haven’t checked out Ugly Delicious or Mute on Netflix, go ahead and change that and see if you like it. Altered Carbon is amazing too as long as I’m handing out recommendations.

Of course, if you haven’t read Ghost Bully, check that out. If you have, maybe tell a friend. I’d ask you to review it on Amazon and Goodreads because that’s a huge help to independent authors, but that’s just annoying, and I would never annoy you!